Friday, August 23, 2013

The Good Life

Hey there, dear friends and readers!

I hope this finds you well and enjoying the end of a great week with the prospect of an even better weekend!

In case you're wondering, I named my new car "Javier."  I know it starts with a "J," but I'm going for the "H" sound - Javier the Hyundai.  I'm falling more and more in love with him every day!  A trip to the DMV the other day resulted in official Nebraska license plates...still don't know how I feel about severing yet another tie to my home state of Kansas.

I've continued to enjoy getting back into the swing of things at the studio!  I love, love, love the new room I'm in (we did some remodeling, and now, I have a room with a pretty yellow accent wall, a new piano (!!), and a window (!!!!) - check out some progress pics on the HAA blog - or better yet, come visit!), and it's so fun to get to know new students and catch up with old ones.

I give my students a little survey to fill out at the beginning of each year (b-day, favorite candy, song they want to play, etc.).  At the end, I asked them to tell me something I don't know about them.  One of the new boys I teach (I think he's 10 or 11) wrote at the end "When were you born?"  At first, I thought it said, "Where were you born?" so, I told him about being from Topeka.  The following conversation ensued:
Him: "No - WHEN were you born?"
Me: "Oh!  You mean like when is my birthday?  It's actually next month."
Him: (semi-conflicted look)
Me: "Or did you mean what year...?"
Him: "Yeah - what year were you born?"
Me: "1987."
Him: (trying to do the math in his head)
Me: (saving him the trouble) "I'm 25."
Him: (shocked) "Oh!!  Wow.  You look like you're 16."
Me: (laughing) "Well, thanks!"

Also - here are a couple Charlie pics for you:
Charlie was watching me eat some ice cream from a distance, at first.  He kept inching/sitting closer and closer, till he was right next to me...then, he gently placed a paw on my arm - just in case I didn't know he was there.
That toy (a scratching post box you can hide things in for them to "hunt" and find) is not new - it's been around for about a year, now, but he's been playing with it SO much, lately.  He tears is apart and seems to let himself forget there are things hidden inside.  The stretching pose has been pretty prevalent, lately, too.

In other news, I shot a (real) gun for the first time last week.  A good friend brought over 3 different handguns and taught me to shoot each of them.  The last gun I shot that evening was a .44-mag.  I was given one shot, and hit the Dr. Pepper can on the first (and last) try!
Turns out I'm a fairly good shot - hit my mark about 90% of the time!

That's all, for now!

Enjoy the weekend,

Favorites of the day:
making new friends and spending quality time with "old" ones
fall is coming soon!!
no-bake cookies
the power of prayer