Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year, new news

Happy New Year, all!

I trust this finds you well and excited for the year ahead.

You already know how I feel about resolutions, so this isn't a post about those.  It is, however, a post about a new adventure I'm embarking on starting this year:

I'm officially a Pampered Chef consultant!

This is something I've been considering doing for years...literally...almost 20 years, probably.  No joke.  My mom hosted many a Pampered Chef party throughout my childhood, and I've grown up using the products as long as I've been active in the kitchen.  So...I guess you could say it's in my blood...or something.

Seriously, though - I'm really excited about this, you guys...for these reasons (in no particular order):
  • I don't know how much I've written about this somewhat-little-known fact on here, but I could watch cooking shows all day.  We didn't have cable/satellite growing up (still don't), so whatever was showing on PBS on Saturday mornings started this obsession.  Late-night baby-sitting gigs fed it, because, so long as there was cable, there was the Food Network.  Nowadays, Nexflix provides my fixes.
  • I've always dreamed of having my own cooking show.  When I was younger, I was in 4-H cooking class (led by my mom!) and put on live cooking demonstrations on a regular basis.  Somehow, I discovered Rachael Ray and watched her shows every chance I could get!  I've been told on numerous occasions I not only look like her, but also remind people of her in other ways, too - which I take as a very high compliment!
  • There are days when I miss being in a classroom setting.  I'm a trained teacher, and though I prefer one-on-one lessons, I still enjoy being in front of a class every once in a while.  This setting seems like a great way to itch that scratch (probably I should find a different way to say that, huh?)...and also a great opportunity to utilize all my little bitty mise en place prep bowls even more!
  • I love meeting new people and building relationships.  There's probably a whole blog post here, but we'll just leave it at that. ☺
  • The extra cash won't hurt, but that's not really the reason I'm doing this.
  • I haven't done something truly new in a pretty long brain is ready for a new form of exercise!
All of these are pieces in the puzzle of reason I put together in deciding whether or not to (finally) sign on to Pampered Chef (poetic...and slightly cheesy, I know...).  I'm anxious to see what I get to do with this puzzle!  ☺

Charlie is also excited...mostly about the packing materials that came in my new consultant kit box (he's excited about the box, too).
If you wouldn't mind doing me a favor, head on over to Facebook and like my new page.  I plan to use this page to promote awesome deals, share recipes and ideas, field questions and comments, and minimize all these posts from coming through my personal account.  ☺

Luckily, I already had a picture of me in a PC apron to use as the profile pic!
Can't wait to help host bridal showers like the one that was put on for me! ☺
As I embark on this journey to share my love of cooking, of baking, of teaching, of meeting new people, and of course, my love of Pampered Chef, I ask for your prayers, suggestions, etc., etc.  Let me know if you have any interest in any part of it, of course, and if there are any questions I didn't answer in this post!  ☺

Thank you, thank you.

Pampered Chef-ly (of course),

Favorites of the day:
quality time with friends and family
post-holiday clearance
merely glancing over the list of items to come in a new consultant kit and getting to be so pleasantly and genuinely surprised by the contents of the package when it arrived at our door ☺