Sunday, January 29, 2012

(forgot to give this a title)

Welp...another awesome weekend here!  

Today consisted of lots of productivity, including taking down the snowmen and putting up the Valentine's day decorations.  I found this cool bowl thing (does anyone know what it really should be called?) at an amazing Goodwill in Omaha yesterday.  I'll put other, classier things in it later, but for now, we have plastic candy hearts and curly ribbon.  We'll see how long it lasts with a certain someone in the house...

Speaking of Charlie, I didn't want to be the crazy cat lady who shares everything about her cat, but this might be useful information for someone else:
I've been tired of sweeping/vacuuming up kitty litter every other day for awhile now, but didn't ever make an effort to change anything.  I recently picked up some recycled paper kitty litter, though (not as messy as it sounds), and changed out the litter box today.  Charlie didn't seem to be a fan for awhile (he actually tried to eat a piece), but I finally heard him digging around in it and was pleasantly surprised to see he'd used it!  We had a mini-celebration...and will hope this works out.  So far, it seems to be much cleaner and not as chemically potent.  (I've heard pregnant women are not supposed to change kitty litter, because the dust is harmful...?  I don't fall into this category presently, but hope to someday, so we'll hope the new litter works out.)

We started a new study in Sunday school/Bible study today - it's called "not a fan."  Check it out!

Also, I just joined Pinterest...and had to switch to Facebook Timeline to do so.  Ugh - the sacrifices we make.  Just kidding.  It's sad to think that is even considered a sacrifice to some...and that it could actually upset someone, and probably has.

Fighting addiction (to Pinterest, of course),

Favorites of the day:
Larry Crowne
the Cheesecake Factory
practicing trumpet (who would've thought this would ever make the list...but it felt good today!)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Marshmallow World...and other news

At the risk of being cliché with the weather-reporting, you should be aware of this: 
Earlier today I wore only a fleece jacket while running errands after church, washed my car, and opened the sunroof while driving.  Now, the ground is white.  Not just a dusting - it's real snow.  We got a little bit earlier this week, and I took the kids I nanny for out to play in it.  They went nuts!  Needless to say, even though I'd warned them we couldn't stay out long because of the cold, they would've rather gotten frostbite than go inside when I informed them it was time to do so.  Don't worry - we made it safely inside with only cold noses and cheeks.

used to say I liked winter more than summer, because I like to play in the snow, then be cozy and warm inside when it's cold outside.  I'm really ready for some sunshine and flip-flop weather, though.  That vacation to Florida last summer created an insatiable desire to lie on the beach for hours on end...seriously.  So, if any of you happen to be heading to a coast in the near future and need some company, I'm your girl.

Anyway, hope you all had a great weekend - I sure did!  It included quality time with various friends (games, movies, eating out...and lots of laughing), as well as a rehearsal for the recital I'm performing on this week.  My former trumpet professor/current boss, one of his students (a good friend), and I will be giving a lunchtime recital this Friday (the 27th) at First United Methodist Church.  (Facebook event - click here.)  The recital is titled "Bach's Lunch" and there will be a free box lunches (get it?)!  If you're free or able to take a lunch hour break, we'd love to have you there!  Let me know if you have any questions.

One more thing - my roomie is on Pinterest and shares lots of her findings with me.  This one really spoke to me tonight, for some reason:  It's a wine rack used as a hanging towel rack!  This "pin" almost put me over the "whether or not to join Pinterest" fence.  I resisted the temptation, though, and decided to avoid addiction a little while longer.  Do any of you have thoughts on whether or not to join?  OR do you have awesome things you've found on there you'd like to share?  : )  By the way, seeing some of these ideas also makes me want to have a house of my own...

Alrighty - that's all for now.  Have a lovely week!

Warmly (ha),

P.S. I'm in the market for a new computer (preferably a 17-in. Toshiba).  Let me know if you know of any good deals!

Favorites of the day:
selling jewelry from high school ex boyfriends
phone dates (with friends and relatives, thank you)
corn casserole

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hey, strangers!  I know I said once upon a time I'd stop apologizing for lack of or tardiness in posting, but I would like to this time.  So, sorry for the lack of posts so far this year!

This week was the first week of lessons after break.  I've gained a few more students and a couple group classes (CMA - Children's Music Academy), so even though I said my schedule was full last semester, it's really full this semester.  No complaints here, though - they're all wonderful students and I love seeing/helping them grow, musically and otherwise!

Speaking of my students, I asked a few of them if they made any New Year's resolutions/goals (in order to create a segue into piano/trumpet/practicing/etc. goals for the new semester).  Some of them had some fairly generic ones, but one really impressed me.  I asked my 13-yr.-old trumpet student if he'd made any, and the first resolution out of his mouth was, "Grow closer to God."  This was followed by, "Get straight A's." and eventually, "Practice trumpet more."  I was pleasantly surprised by his willingness and shamelessness in sharing this (the first resolution) with me.

I believe I told you last year that I'm not one to make resolutions, myself, but due to a few falls off the "good habits" wagon in December and the holiday season, I have one main goal for the new year: to be "up and around" at a decent time (before my teacher roommie leaves the coop) each morning.  This will also mean I need to be in bed at a decent time...I'd become somewhat of a night owl before the break started and realized this would be a real hard habit to break if/when I had to, so decided to break it before that time came.  As a result of being up in the morning long before my obligations for the day begin, I will be able to accomplish other daily life goals, such as: reading a few Bible chapters and prayer journaling, working out at the Y, practicing trumpet, misc. housework, blogging, etc.  I'll also have time to eat a healthy breakfast and pack a smart lunch and snacks for the day.

It's all been going well, so far!  Feel free to hold me accountable to any/all of it.

Now, to ask a favor of you all:
I've asked this a few times before, but I'd really love any questions/topics of conversations/post requests you might have!  Having some "starters" would make it a little easier to keep this scoop fresh!  ; )

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


P.S. Mark your calendars for a FREE lunchtime recital on January 27th - lunch and music provided for free starting at 12:10!  More to come on that later...but for now, know that this is one of the reasons I'm practicing more lately.  : )

Favorites of the day:
free cupcakes for giving blood (or trying to)
Sleepless in Seattle
stamping weekend

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year...AND Happy One Year! : )

Happy 2012, all!  I've told you before I'm not one to make new year's resolutions, so that's not what this post is going to be about.

Instead, I'd like to tell you a little about my wonderful break!  Most importantly, I've been able to spend some quality time with some of the people I love most!  I've traveled some, relaxed quite a bit, played some awesome games, watched some quality movies, and eaten some absolutely delicious food!  All this was possible, because my primary occupation runs on the school calendar...which means I still get school breaks!  Can't tell you how thankful I am for that...and for my other employers' flexibility.  

Don't worry - I have worked some since I've been back in town.  It's been strange (and nice!) to go to one job in the morning and come straight home when I'm done.  It's also been nice to have some quality time to get lots done while I'm there!

If you read my last post, you're familiar with some of the precious gifts I received from my students (check it out if you haven't, yet!).  I've also received some super cute picture cards and letters from some of you and truly appreciate being added to your Christmas lists!  Charlie and I had a great time in Topeka, again, and were able to give and unwrap some wonderful gifts.
I'm so very thankful to have a family who is willing to house (and babysit) Charlie.  It relieves the stress and guilt of leaving him home alone, which in turn allows me to fully enjoy my time away.  He's never without someone to play with, and as a result, this was a common occurrence at various times during the day (until Dad kicked him off the furniture☺):

Speaking of Christmas gifts...and Charlie - Do you remember a certain gift I received last year? My family gave me the items and other means to adopt a kitten.  I waited till I was back in Lincoln to pick one out, and one year ago today, I adopted Charlie.  I won't get sappy on you, but it was a pretty great gift.  ☺

Lastly, for those of you who don't live in Nebraska, I just thought you should know that it was 68-degrees today.  I resisted the temptation to wear flip-flops...and later wished I had.

If you have a resolution you'd like to share, feel free!  I might write about a couple of things I plan to do better this year in a later post...we'll see. 


Favorites of the day:
being able to go out on a whim
road trips
checking things off my to-do lists