Sunday, January 29, 2012

(forgot to give this a title)

Welp...another awesome weekend here!  

Today consisted of lots of productivity, including taking down the snowmen and putting up the Valentine's day decorations.  I found this cool bowl thing (does anyone know what it really should be called?) at an amazing Goodwill in Omaha yesterday.  I'll put other, classier things in it later, but for now, we have plastic candy hearts and curly ribbon.  We'll see how long it lasts with a certain someone in the house...

Speaking of Charlie, I didn't want to be the crazy cat lady who shares everything about her cat, but this might be useful information for someone else:
I've been tired of sweeping/vacuuming up kitty litter every other day for awhile now, but didn't ever make an effort to change anything.  I recently picked up some recycled paper kitty litter, though (not as messy as it sounds), and changed out the litter box today.  Charlie didn't seem to be a fan for awhile (he actually tried to eat a piece), but I finally heard him digging around in it and was pleasantly surprised to see he'd used it!  We had a mini-celebration...and will hope this works out.  So far, it seems to be much cleaner and not as chemically potent.  (I've heard pregnant women are not supposed to change kitty litter, because the dust is harmful...?  I don't fall into this category presently, but hope to someday, so we'll hope the new litter works out.)

We started a new study in Sunday school/Bible study today - it's called "not a fan."  Check it out!

Also, I just joined Pinterest...and had to switch to Facebook Timeline to do so.  Ugh - the sacrifices we make.  Just kidding.  It's sad to think that is even considered a sacrifice to some...and that it could actually upset someone, and probably has.

Fighting addiction (to Pinterest, of course),

Favorites of the day:
Larry Crowne
the Cheesecake Factory
practicing trumpet (who would've thought this would ever make the list...but it felt good today!)

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