Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Pampered Chef-iversary

Happy March!...?!?!  

As per usual, this post is a little belated, but I recently (2 months ago...still relatively recently, right?) celebrated my one year anniversary as an Independent Pampered Chef Consultant!

It may be a blessing in disguise that I "waited" so long to commemorate this milestone with a blog post, because since it's March, now, I can share the new spring/summer products with you!  How exciting!  Click here to check them out!  And, of course, let me know if you'd like to host a party (cooking show/catalog party/Facebook party/bridal shower) to earn FREE products!

My goal for the year was to be an "active" (submit $150 in sales) consultant each month, and thanks to many of you, I reached my goal...and beyond!  I earned some great commission, as well as some awesome new products for our kitchen.  

I had another goal, too: I didn't want to beat down anyone's door to drum up business...or become any sort of "pushy salesman" type.  I met this goal, as well!  I didn't ask anyone to host a party - all my hosts came to me of their own accord.  Word of mouth was my friend, for sure (as was my mother and her PC-loving friends! ☺)! 

My hope for the future of my Pampered Chef business is to build more clientele in the KC area.  Many of the parties I helped host this past year were from Topeka and/or Lincoln connections (and included a couple bridal showers - my favorite!).  This was to be expected, and I'm so thankful for all the support of friends and family in those previous home cities of mine.  I'm looking forward to continuing to meet new people in my current home city and hoping to bring some great products to their kitchens, too!  ☺

In an effort to spread the word about our businesses to our KC area friends, my BFF (who sells Norwex - I could write a whole post about these awesome products.  Please check them out and let me know if you want/need her contact info.!) and I hosted an open house last fall!  We had a good turn-out, and had so much fun fellowshipping and sharing our love of all these products with all who came!  Here are a few pictures from our day:
I still have a few of these left, if you see something you'd like!
Yes, the fruit is cut in shapes.
Unfortunately, the product I used to do so has been discontinued, but you're welcome to borrow mine! ☺
Used the brownie pan and the mini muffin pan for these yummies!
A "before" shot of the Sausage & Pepper Biscuit Frittata.
Apple Nut Ring before...
...Apple Nut Ring after!

Thanks to all who were able to join us!  We had so much fun, and just may have to do it again someday!

Thank you, again, to those of you who have helped support/encourage/further this business adventure of mine!  Couldn't have done it without you!

Happy cooking, all! ☺

Pampered Chef-ly,

Favorites of the day:
our home
Mini Robin Eggs
Starburst jelly beans