Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The "pregnancy card"

Happy Valentine's Day, dear friends!

Hope this finds you happy and healthy (a pretty fantastic feat this time of year...the healthy part, I mean)!

I realize my posts as of late seem to have a theme (...it starts with a "p"), but that's because this is all new for me, and new life experiences are some of the things this blog was originally created to share.  ☺  

I've been trying hard not to play the "pregnancy card" too frequently, and never unnecessarily, the past few months.  Others encourage me to do so more than I care to, as it is!  haha.  My sweet husband is on the receiving end of this excuse more than anyone...he's often the one who takes the figurative card from me before I can even pull it out...and he's been so wonderful about it!  

Anyway, the other day, we started our baby registries (no, we don't know what we're having, yet)!  While this was really exciting and fun, it was a little overwhelming and tiring for this child-carrying girl.  It wasn't a problem - just giving you a little back story here.  We were in a part of town we don't often frequent...and a part of town that is home to The Cheesecake Factory.  You know my love of cheesecake, of course, but due to my lack of sweet tooth, lately (I know...I don't even know who I am), I was more excited about taking advantage of being so close and getting some actual food there (rather than just dessert)!  Upon approaching the hostess counter, however, we discovered it would be over a 30-minute wait.  Normally, this would be fine, but we were both quickly getting more and more hungry, and hungry and pregnant don't mix well.  So, we decided to try again another time and pick up something a little faster this time.  As we started to pull out of the parking lot, though, I started to cry...just tears, at first, but the snot and sobs came rapidly once my hubby started asking what was wrong.  There were a lot of contributing factors to this meltdown, but at the time, the only explanation I could muster was, "I just wanted some Cheesecake Factory bread."  (I've always loved their bread - that wasn't new.  But the apparent urgent "need" for it?  That was new.)  Next thing I knew, we were back in a parking spot and that man I married was headed back into the restaurant.  I kept crying, but this time, because he was being so nice.  And I KEPT crying when he came back with warm bread and butter a few minutes later, because he told me they gave it to him for free!  He'd played the "pregnancy card," and they took pity on me...or maybe him?  Who knows, but either way, they gave us free bread!

Speaking of having babies...I'm going to be an aunt so soon!  My brother and sis-in-law are ready and waiting for the arrival of their baby boy.  Thought I'd take a moment to share a little bit about the shower I got to help throw for them.  It was so much fun!  ☺  
Can't take credit for the book theme idea, but sure enjoyed helping execute it!
I'd made these (with the help of that awesome Cricut owner I know) almost immediately after finding out they were expecting, and was so excited to finally be able to give them to them!

Would love to hear any pregnancy stories you'd like to share!  And we're always open to suggestions about baby things we shouldn't try to live without.  ☺

As usual, thanks so much for reading, and enjoy your day!

More cool-calm-and-collectly than the other day,

Favorites of the day:
Girl Scout cookies!
flexible work schedules/students
annual Valentine's Day roses ☺