Thursday, July 21, 2011

Majestic is an understatement

Holy cow - who knew summer could be so crazy busy?!  I shouldn't complain, because I love everything I'm's just made for such an unpredictable and hectic schedule.

I'm going to take this opportunity to apologize one last time for the lapses of time that keep wedging themselves between my posts.  I've accepted the fact that this is the norm, now, so anything more frequent will just be a happy bonus.  : )

This post is dedicated to my recent vacation to Estes Park, CO with family and friends.  My church in Topeka reserves a block of rooms at the YMCA camp every three years, and we always went on the trip when I was growing up.  We didn't go the last time the group went, but were able to take the opportunity this time, AND my aunt, uncle, and cousins were able to join us, as well as my best friend from home and her parents!!!  Not only am I thankful for the ability to take the time off and spend it in the beautiful (and cool!) Colorado, but I'm also so thankful for the quality time we were all able to spend together.

Highlights of the trip:
-hiking (2 days and 12-ish miles worth)
-whitewater rafting!!!
-hours and hours of cards and games
-strolling through downtown Estes
-visiting a former music/piano teacher!
-the mid-70 degree weather  : )
-"catching up"

Here are a few captured moments:
Very cool tree root system.
A fork in the road - oh no!
Emerald Lake
Bear Lake
Bear Lake
The water was maybe 40 degrees...
...but the sunshine helped it to feel refreshing, most of the time.
Alberta Falls
Probably my favorite hiking destination.
You can't see the amount of snow in this picture, but that tree I'm standing next to is actually the top of a very tall tree coming out of the snowbank. 
Loch Vale
Of course, no post is complete without a Charlie-ism.  Once again, I'd like to express my gratitude to those who helped care for him while I was gone (esp. my wonderful neighbors)!!  After greeting me, telling me all about his week, and being super clingy, this was his "help Kensy check her e-mail" stance:
We all know music bags make the best pillows, right?

I hope you all are able to get in some R&R before the fall comes...even if it's just an afternoon by the pool (or in the A/C) with a good book!  

As usual, thank YOU for reading!  : )  Would love to hear from you, if you get a chance!


P.S.  Happy Birthday, Dad! 

Favorites of the day:
PB & banana shakes
working for and with people I like 
the fact that I'm going to CO again in the very near future...and for a very great reason : )

Thursday, July 7, 2011

"I go back..."

Hi there!

First of all, I'd like to apologize for the lack of meaningful posts lately.  This summer is really flying by...I actually feel busier now than a few months ago.  They're all good things, though, so I'm not too bothered - just makes me appreciate the downtime even more.  : )

Secondly, I'd like to write a bit about my trip home last weekend.  It was so wonderful to hitch a ride with some great family to see more great family!  I was able to relax and spend quality time with my immediate family, which doesn't happen often anymore, so I was thankful for the opportunity to do so.  We played the player piano my dad just finished rebuilding, went to the farmers' market, stopped to chat with my high school band director, went swimming at a local pool/water park, and celebrated my brother's b-day with a delicious meal and homemade ice cream (thanks Mom!)!

While I was home, I looked through my high school yearbooks...and was overcome with such a strange feeling!  Not only was it hard to remember some of the people I went to school with, but it's difficult to put myself back in that place in life.  Don't get me wrong - they were great peers (for the most part), and it was a wonderful high school experience; I just have a hard time remembering the day-to-day things amidst the easier-to-remember highlights.  This led me to reminisce about jr. high (a not-quite-as-wonderful time), and elementary school.  We read a book I wrote in the first grade, "Kensy's Book Full of Wonders."  In it, I wrote about my family, my pets, what I wanted to be when I grew up (model, ice skater, singer, or teacher), and wrote a story about a horse saving a cat.  This is part of the picture I drew on the cover:

I may not have become a model, ice skater, or singer, but I guess I always knew I'd be a cat-walker.  ; ) haha

My brother and I also had a chance to reminisce about our elementary school gifted classes.  That's a whole other blog post, though...

I'm going to leave it at that, for now.  More later!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


Favorites of the day:
having great neighbors : )
crossing things off my to-do lists (at work and at home)
days off and friends with pools at their apartment complexes
family vacations including best friends!

Friday, July 1, 2011

July, already?!

Happy July!  I can't believe summer is half over!

Just had a couple things to share before the holiday weekend.  Read on...

- I forgot to share this quote after I got back from Florida.  This is the first thing the now-4-yr.-old I nanny for said to me upon seeing me after our trip: "Did you bring me a seashell with a crab in it?!"

- I've been teaching a pop piano class at the studio this week, and it's been soooo fun!  There are 4 students (one who I teach regularly), and they're all semi-advanced players.  It's been so great to teach them about syncopation, chord progression, etc. and to help them learn some songs they hear on the radio.  We're giving a mini lecture-recital this afternoon at 1:50 at the studio if you'd like to join us!

Happy Birthday to my brother in a couple days!  : )

And - Happy 4th of July to you all!  Hope you have a lovely holiday weekend!

Stay cool,

Favorites of the day:
hitching a ride home
making the best of the pool being closed : )