Friday, July 1, 2011

July, already?!

Happy July!  I can't believe summer is half over!

Just had a couple things to share before the holiday weekend.  Read on...

- I forgot to share this quote after I got back from Florida.  This is the first thing the now-4-yr.-old I nanny for said to me upon seeing me after our trip: "Did you bring me a seashell with a crab in it?!"

- I've been teaching a pop piano class at the studio this week, and it's been soooo fun!  There are 4 students (one who I teach regularly), and they're all semi-advanced players.  It's been so great to teach them about syncopation, chord progression, etc. and to help them learn some songs they hear on the radio.  We're giving a mini lecture-recital this afternoon at 1:50 at the studio if you'd like to join us!

Happy Birthday to my brother in a couple days!  : )

And - Happy 4th of July to you all!  Hope you have a lovely holiday weekend!

Stay cool,

Favorites of the day:
hitching a ride home
making the best of the pool being closed : )

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