Monday, June 27, 2011

My weekend:

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Here are a couple highlights from mine:

I went to a second (or third...or second, once removed...?) cousin's wedding.  It was beautiful and great to see family!
This was the ceiling at the reception.  Can you tell the white stuff is that plastic table cloth that comes on rolls?  Pretty impressive, huh?!
I just thought this cake was very classy, and could appreciate the amount of time and skill it took to decorate it so intricately.  It tasted good, too!  : )
While this wedding was beautiful, special, etc., it was a little strange for me, because the couple was 1-2 years younger than me.  I know plenty of younger engaged couples, but this was the first wedding I'd actually attended where I was older than those getting married.  I kept thinking, "They're just babies - they can't be getting married!"  Just a weird feeling...that will only continue to arise, I'm sure.

Those of you living in Lincoln (or the surrounding areas) know that we had some crazy, intense storms last night...and we drove home in them.  Thankfully, I wasn't the one driving, but I was the one receiving texts from friends telling us to turn on the radio and be safe just as we were embarking on the edge of the storm.  As soon as we turned on the radio, they were talking about how the worst of it was right where we were headed, and that you should pull over if you're on I-80...which we were.  We did end up pulling off for a bit, because visibility was at 2 feet...or less.  Obviously, we made it home safely, but it took awhile.  
Don't know if you can tell, but it was a double rainbow.  We could see them both in full, but of course, couldn't capture them in a picture from the car.
These clouds were on the edge of the storm.  I'd never seen anything like them.
That's all, for now!  Enjoy the rest of the week!

Until next time,

Favorites of the day:
seeing family so much lately!
cuddly Charlie

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