Sunday, January 22, 2012

Marshmallow World...and other news

At the risk of being cliché with the weather-reporting, you should be aware of this: 
Earlier today I wore only a fleece jacket while running errands after church, washed my car, and opened the sunroof while driving.  Now, the ground is white.  Not just a dusting - it's real snow.  We got a little bit earlier this week, and I took the kids I nanny for out to play in it.  They went nuts!  Needless to say, even though I'd warned them we couldn't stay out long because of the cold, they would've rather gotten frostbite than go inside when I informed them it was time to do so.  Don't worry - we made it safely inside with only cold noses and cheeks.

used to say I liked winter more than summer, because I like to play in the snow, then be cozy and warm inside when it's cold outside.  I'm really ready for some sunshine and flip-flop weather, though.  That vacation to Florida last summer created an insatiable desire to lie on the beach for hours on end...seriously.  So, if any of you happen to be heading to a coast in the near future and need some company, I'm your girl.

Anyway, hope you all had a great weekend - I sure did!  It included quality time with various friends (games, movies, eating out...and lots of laughing), as well as a rehearsal for the recital I'm performing on this week.  My former trumpet professor/current boss, one of his students (a good friend), and I will be giving a lunchtime recital this Friday (the 27th) at First United Methodist Church.  (Facebook event - click here.)  The recital is titled "Bach's Lunch" and there will be a free box lunches (get it?)!  If you're free or able to take a lunch hour break, we'd love to have you there!  Let me know if you have any questions.

One more thing - my roomie is on Pinterest and shares lots of her findings with me.  This one really spoke to me tonight, for some reason:  It's a wine rack used as a hanging towel rack!  This "pin" almost put me over the "whether or not to join Pinterest" fence.  I resisted the temptation, though, and decided to avoid addiction a little while longer.  Do any of you have thoughts on whether or not to join?  OR do you have awesome things you've found on there you'd like to share?  : )  By the way, seeing some of these ideas also makes me want to have a house of my own...

Alrighty - that's all for now.  Have a lovely week!

Warmly (ha),

P.S. I'm in the market for a new computer (preferably a 17-in. Toshiba).  Let me know if you know of any good deals!

Favorites of the day:
selling jewelry from high school ex boyfriends
phone dates (with friends and relatives, thank you)
corn casserole

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