Thursday, October 25, 2012

Stories and "Now vs. Then" thoughts

Hello!  Long time, no write/read, huh?

Things are pretty status quo here, just pretty busy...all good things, though!

I'm sitting in Panera working on student evaluations, right now, and though I thought I would get less distracted than I would at home (with other things I need to do), there are so many interesting conversations going on around me that it's a little tricky to focus on the task at hand!  haha.  I am making some headway, though, and therefore, am rewarding myself (and you) with a "blog break."

I have a couple stories to share with you, and then a few thoughts I've been compiling for a while:

During the warmer weather, I wore a lot of skirts, and therefore, a lot of open-toed heels.  When the colder weather first arrived a couple weeks ago, I wore flats for the first time in awhile, and one of my little 6-yr.-old girl students noticed.  She has asked why I always wear high heels, before, and when she caught a glimpse of my flats that day, she exclaimed "You're not wearing high heels today!"

Ever since I adopted Charlie, I have fed him twice a day, rather than leaving lots of food out for him to eat at his leisure.  Recently, however, I decided to do an experiment to see if leaving food out for him continuously would help him to be less naughty.  It seems to have helped a little bit, but he has had a hard time adjusting to the new "meal plan."  My roomie (who is usually the first one up and the first one home in the evening, so usually feeds him at those times) has had to walk a crying Charlie to his food bowl each morning/evening and basically stick his nose in his bowl to remind him that she doesn't need to feed him, because there's already food in the bowl!  It makes sense, since he's been conditioned to be fed at those times of day for his whole life; it's just funny that his nose doesn't help him remember food is available all the time, now!  ☺

I don't think I've ever documented my "music librarian" duties with a picture before and had a great example of a day a work a couple weeks ago:
This is the result of two Nebraska Jazz Orchestra concerts in one week.

I've always remembered answering the "Where do you see yourself in 10 years?" question as a 6th grader, and am often reminded of the ways in which I was both correct and incorrect in answering that question 13 years ago.  In thinking about all that, I compiled the following lists.  Perhaps you can relate...

Misconceptions I had of adult life as a child:
-I'll use cursive writing every day.
-I'd always get to live 5 minutes (or less) from my best friend.
-It will be easy to remember the minor (and some major) events of grade school, junior high, and high school.
-I'll always have the same group of friends.
-I'd be married with kids on the way a year after finishing college.
-All adults are the same as my parents and their friends.
-I'll never want (or have) to go to bed.

True conceptions I had of adult life as a child:
-Going to the doctor alone is even worse than having to go with Mom (or Dad).
-I can have an indoor cat!
-It is fun to have (and organize) all my own things in my own place.
-I will always love to travel.
-Moving and transition is not fun...but meeting new people and making new friends is pretty great!
-I can have brownies for breakfast, if I want.

These are not all-inclusive lists, by any means, but just what has come to mind the last couple of weeks.  Let me know if you have any additions!

Ok - time to get back to work.  Have a lovely weekend!

As warmly as possible,

Favorites of the day:
gift cards
having friends in lots of places and being able to visit and stay with them

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