Thursday, March 20, 2014

I hope...

Happy spring! (Maybe for real this time...?  The calendar says so, at least.)

I've been mulling over pieces of this post for some time and decided today is the day to share it.  Happy reading!

I hope...

...God continues to provide discernment and guidance in all I do...and in all you do, too!  ☺

...I won't forget half the flour next time I double my chocolate chip cookie recipe. future children (God-willing) enjoy playing in the sandbox, building with Legos, baking "creations," playing with Play-Doh, coloring, playing "house," building blanket forts, exploring, etc.

...those of you seeking truth and meaning in your life find matter how/when/where.

...there are always patches/yards/fields of green grass in which to walk barefoot. fear of change never gets in the way of my excitement about what the future holds.

...Charlie doesn't fall off the fridge while trying to get into the empty crock pot box sitting on top (though I kind-of do hope it almost has on a few occasions...).

...I am able to continually show/remind friends and loved ones, near and far, how much I love and appreciate them. students use their assignment notebooks when they're practicing at home...and that they practice, period.

...we never cease to be amazed by the beauty of nature and the everyday miracles God reveals to us. one ever pays full price for anything at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Seriously - if you find yourself making a purchase at that store without a coupon, call me...immediately.  Even after chock-full wedding seasons over the past few years, we have enough at the coop to last a while...quite a while. (Full disclosure: I had originally typed those as "awhile," but decided to look up the difference between "awhile" and "a while," and now I'm realizing how strange "while" seems by itself...and how I rarely type it without the article "a" in front of it...(though it could be used in this type of sentence "I wait while he pulls the car around.")...and how similar it is to "whale"...which makes me think of "Finding Nemo"...and this clip...and how long it's been since I watched that movie...  Hope you enjoyed your ride on my train of thought. ☺)

...this post blesses you in some way.

What do you hope for?

Student story:
A little while ago, during one of my Asian student's lessons (she is in first grade and speaking more and more fluent English every day!), I was introducing a piece called "Copy Cat." Shortly after reading/hearing the title, she started copying my instructions to her.  It only took me a few seconds to catch on, and when I gave her a look, she gave me a knowing grin and continued to copy me.  I started laughing at the fact that she was intentionally being a copycat because of the title of the song, and she started belly laughing like I've never seen/heard her laugh before.  All this from the girl who said maybe 5 words during each of her first few lessons.  ☺

Enjoy the day and upcoming weekend, everyone!  Thanks for reading.  ☺


Favorites of the day:
audio books (just finished listening to Divergent and am looking forward to seeing the movie this weekend!)
Special K Pastry Crisps
sunshine (Charlie would probably agree with that one...)

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