Thursday, September 8, 2011

: )

Hello!  I hope this finds you all well!

I woke up to this song, and was singing it all morning:  What a great start to the day!

Today is a "Kensy day," as defined by one of my aunts who takes a day off for herself every once in awhile.  I got back a little while ago from a walk/jog and yoga class, have the windows open and an "Autumn Apple" candle burning, laundry is being washed, and I'm sipping a smoothie...and Charlie is in my lap.  Doesn't get much better than this.  : )  Plans for the rest of the day include checking many items off my to-do list, having a phone date with my brother, making a Creamy Pesto Chicken pasta dish, and teaching some lessons this evening!

I have a few things to share from each of my jobs:

  • When I was nannying the other day, the 2-yr.-old little girl's hair was crazy when she woke up from her nap.  I told her we should fix it, and she asked specifically for a ponytail that was low so it wasn't too tight, in so many words.
  • A student at the studio was telling me she'll probably have to get braces and "one of those container things that stretches your teeth."  I said, "You mean a retainer?"  "Oh...yeah."
  • Duties to add to my "music librarian" job description:
    • candy dish monitor
    • fish tank light bulb changer
    • keyboard fixer (this only goes as far as blowing large amounts of dust/cat hair/etc. out from in between the keys)
  • At our Arts Inc. staff meeting this week, the birds were roaming the table (not unusual), and one was walking on a piece of paper that was hanging over the edge of the table.  He didn't realize the table ended under the paper, and fell off in a flurry of feathers and growling/barking/squawking.  Don't worry - he went unharmed and was back to trying to sip others' pop and coffee in no time.
  • The student who asked why I wear my wedding ring on my toe gave me this last time I saw him: 

In other news, since it's my birthday month, I've been signing up for and receiving a multitude of free stuff...mostly from restaurants.  I'm not going to have to cook for myself all month!  : )

Time for lunch!  Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend!


Favorites of the day:
I think these go without saying : )

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