Thursday, September 29, 2011


Happy fall (officially...last week)!  Since I wrote last, I've aged a year and decided to get a tattoo (only one of those statements is true).

Thought I'd share about my trip home last weekend.  I went home to join lots of family and friends in a celebration of our over 100-yr.-old player piano - my dad just finished the long (nearly 2-year) process of rebuilding and refurbishing it.  He had lots of help and support along the way, so we had those who helped and were interested in the process over to see the finished product!  Dad's the only one who could do justice to explaining the process and everything involved (it's fascinating and sooo amazing that he did it - you should ask him about it), so I won't try to explain it and just show you these pictures, instead: 
Beautiful new finish!
Look at all those parts and pieces!  Can you believe they sat, unassembled, on our ping-pong table in the basement for so long...and then were put back together just right?!
This doesn't do it justice, but you can kind-of see what it looks like when it's being played.  You'll have to stop by to actually hear it...and play it!  : )
We spent a few hours playing the piano (with the rolls and our own fingers), singing along, enjoying yummy homemade treats (ice cream, cookies, etc.), and visiting.  What a great reason to get together to celebrate music!  I'm so thankful to have such an interesting and meaningful instrument in our family.  When Dad asked my brother and I whether or not we'd be okay with selling the piano (before he redid it), we replied with a fairly resounding, "No!"  It's the piano we grew up playing, and couldn't imagine "home" without it.  Thus began the rebuilding process.  : )

The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying some quality family and friend time.  There was even a surprise birthday celebration...complete with Kitty Litter Cake!  : )

Hooray for a wonderful trip home and for family and friends!  I feel so incredibly blessed!

Piano student story: One of my 7-yr.-old girl students was playing a song called "Old Woman" with lyrics about a 92-yr.-old woman being proposed to.  Strange topic, I know, but most kids don't actually read the words.  This particular student, however, regularly sings along with the songs that have lyrics.  After playing/singing this one, she said with a scrunched-up nose, "Who would want to marry someone who's 92, anyway?"  I said, "Well, probably someone who really loves them."  She replied, "Yeah...that would probably be the only reason."

Hope you have a great weekend!

Musically and thankfully,

Favorites of the day:
birthday surprises
cherry tomatoes

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