Saturday, October 29, 2011

"I won't be able to come in today..."

Happy weekend, everyone!  Hope you all had a lovely week and are enjoying some R&R today.

I just had one quick story from this week.

On Tuesday, before heading to nanny for the day, my car key wouldn't turn in the ignition.  I troubleshooted for awhile before calling my dad, then AAA and a mechanic.  Got to ride in the tow truck as we took Paulette to the mechanic to find out the ignition module needed to be replaced.  Thanks to my wonderful, helpful relatives/neighbors and very accommodating bosses, I was hardly inconvenienced while she was being fixed...and after paying an arm and a leg, we're good to go and back on the road.

While I was waiting helplessly for the tow truck that morning, I took a few minutes to read my daily devotional.  The verse for that day's entry was, "[Jesus said,] Apart from me you can do nothing." John 15:5, and the first sentence read, "Have you ever felt helpless, powerless to do anything about a situation that you wish you could change?"  I think I laughed out loud and said, "Thanks, God."  The rest of the entry discussed the importance of prayer in all situations, but especially in those in which you feel helpless.  God calls us to rely on Him, rather than our own resources, during these times.  Needless to say, I said a little prayer and was at peace with the situation the rest of the time.  Hope you can find the same peace in similar situations.

That's all, for now!  Listening to the Huskers play a great game, so far!

Get excited for the Halloween costume...and contest!


Favorites of the day:
sweet potatoes and butternut squash (with butter and brown sugar, of course)
days off
Ivanna Cone

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