Sunday, May 13, 2012

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Hello, hello!

First of all, Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers (and mothers to be...and future mothers) out there!

I've been busier than usual with some extra "music librarian" duties (by the way - add "clock battery changer," and "calendar flipper" to the list) at Arts Inc.  These have included scheduling and making visits to middle and high schools in Lincoln to tell music students about all the opportunities offered through our groups.  It's kind-of fun, but time-consuming...and makes for longer days than I'm used to.

Anyway, as a result, I have some kiddo/student stories I've been dying to share.  Please enjoy...

I don't remember whether or not I told you all about this when it happened, so I'm going to tell you (again?) before I add to the story:

A few months ago, one of my students (whose mom regularly sits in on her lesson) brought an iPhone to show me a video...and was VERY excited to do so.  With no explanation, I watched, and gasped/shrieked fairly loudly.  The video was of their family (her and her two younger brothers) looking in their oven and finding a bun.  It was the video they were showing family and friends to announce her mom's pregnancy.  Then, last week at her lesson, she brought an unmarked shoebox and was beside herself with the anticipation of me looking inside.  I opened the lid to find two rolls/buns with googly eyes and pink bows.  I probably had an over-reaction to this news, but she was soooo excited to show me and I am soooo excited for her/them!  I also just loved their creativity in sharing the news.  ☺

On our way home from taking her brother to school, the 2-yr.-old I nanny for said, "I wished I could be a bird."  I said, "How come?"  She replied, "For fun.  I'd be a pretty bird, so then, everyone would say, 'Look at that pretty bird!'"  I said, "Yes, that would be fun, but you're already a pretty girl!"  She giggled and said, "I guess it would be fun to fly, too."

In the CMA (Children's Music Academy) class I teach, we chanted the "Fuzzy Wuzzy" story near the beginning of class.  Then, toward the end of class, we used our keyboards to tell stories.  My example was a caterpillar down low on the ground (low notes) becoming a butterfly who flies high in the sky (high notes).  One of the students wanted to share his story next.  It started with a caterpillar in the forest who ran up a tree and back down again a few times trying to outrun a bear who was chasing him.  Then, the caterpillar stopped on a branch above the bear and started pulling out the bear's fur, one piece at a time.  Eventually, the bear had "no hair," and his name was "Fuzzy" (as in "Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair)!  And they lived happily ever after, he said.  I was astounded by the connection he made (he's only 4!) and his ability to bring the class full-circle.

Now, to get you up to speed on this weekend:

We had our student recital for the studio yesterday.  All my students did such a wonderful job, and it was so fun (and rewarding) to sit back and listen to them share what they've learned.  
I received flowers, gifts, compliments, and lots of hugs...and I wasn't even the one performing!

Then, today, I took a spontaneous trip to Manhattan, KS.  Two reasons for the trip:
1. surprise Mom for Mother's Day
2. meet Norman (my brother's pet baby goose)
There are no words...
We were instant friends...he was preening me.
Who knew birds could be so cuddly?!
My heart is so full after this trip.  For some reason, I really felt the need to spend some time with the family, no matter how brief, so I just went.  Meeting that precious goose was pretty great, too!  ☺

One more thing:  While I was on my drive this morning, I passed a cemetery in the middle of the Flint Hills.  As I drove past, I noticed an older man sitting near a headstone in a lawn chair...alone.  Whether he was visiting his mother or his wife, I do not know.  Either way, though, the sight instantly moved me to tears...and made me even more grateful for the opportunity to spend time with loved ones.

With love,

Favorites of the day:
"guy" time
quality car time (and the Passion 2012 speakers on CD)

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