Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Good tears

Hey, all!

This past weekend, I got to witness the marriage of one of my good college friends to the man of her dreams!  It was a beautiful ceremony (as were all the festivities!) - such a testament to God's faithfulness.  I was reminded of the perfect plan He has for each of us and how intently we need to trust His timing in our lives.

For me, weddings pretty much always mean tears (of joy and happiness).  This was definitely not an exception.  I hadn't had a "good cry" in awhile, so once I started, I wasn't to be stopped...for the whole weekend, it seems!  Here are most of the instances that evoked tears for me this past weekend:

  • hymn/song selections before the wedding ceremony even began
  • two grandsons kissing their grandmother's check after escorting her to her seat at her grandaughter's wedding
  • groom seeing his stunning bride for the first time
  • hymn/song selections during the ceremony
  • beautifully choreographed first dance
  • Maid of Honor's speech
  • Best Man's speech
  • various points during a Dave-Matthews-Band-centered worship service (esp. the song "He Loves Us")
  • the song "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz (video with a beautiful explanation of why he wrote it and a live performance - click here)
  • this proposal video: click here (please watch this - soooo cool)

Such a wonderful celebration of life and love happening amongst the various tragedies/illnesses/unfortunate circumstances that have hit close to home, lately, leaves me with many more thoughts on all these situations.  We won't delve into all that, for now, though.  All I know is I am so very thankful to be so very blessed.

I haven't posted much about Charlie, recently, so for those of you who have been missing this segment of the "scoop," here you go!  (Those who could care less can skip past the pictures.)
I had just washed this (his cat carrier/time-out spot) out and was still washing the blanket that goes inside before putting the lid and door back on.
He felt the need to make use of it right at that moment, though.
Also - it was his 2nd birthday yesterday!
No, I didn't throw him a party.  FYI - pictures in a hat was the extent of the festivities...and a "special" can of food. There were no balloons, candles, singing, etc.

Speaking of balloons - did you know the supply of helium on the earth is quickly disappearing?!  Look it up...

Tearfully (not really - it just fit the bulk of the body of this post),

Favorites of the day:
birthday celebration staff meetings
flexibility (in scheduling, etc.)
sugar snap peas from Mom's garden

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