Saturday, June 16, 2012

Those were the days...

As I sit here with my toenails drying, everything checked off my to-do list, practicing trumpet for the fun of it, and of course, writing a blog post...just because, I'm thinking that there will (probably/hopefully) come a day when I look back on these times and think, "Those were the days..."  You know the song, right?  We had it on a player piano roll, and it was one of our favorites!  Click here to refresh your memory.

Anyway...this evening, I'm cherishing this season of life and trying to not take it for granted.  Though there are days when I long to be married/starting a family/etc. as so many of my friends/peers/acquaintances are, I really love setting my own schedule, doing only what I want to do (and when I want to do it), being able to see/help/hang out with friends as often as I please, the list goes on and on!  I also love knowing God has me right where He wants me...and though I'm ready for whatever comes next, I'm also content to stay in this "place" for a bit.

A couple entries for my "nanny diary":
While the 5-yr.-old was playing out an intense chase scene involving a semi-truck (cattle carrier), "The Lion King" (little plastic Mufasa figurine), and Scar (another plastic lion figurine), he was not only narrating the story, but giving it its own theme music.  I couldn't quite decipher whether or not it was original or something he'd picked up from a show, but it was definitely meant to intensify the scene he was creating.  It reminded me of "The Emperor's New Groove."  (If you don't understand this reference, watch this video.)

After complimenting me on my painted toenails, the 2 1/2-yr.-old asked, "Can you do those on your kitty?"  Meaning, "Could/do you paint your cat's toenails?"  This came completely out of the blue, and I had to laugh out loud before explaining to her why I don't and will never do so.

Mmmk - that's all, for now.

Happy Father's Day (almost) - especially to my dad!!  ☺


Favorites of the day:
being sought out (for a variety of reasons, but in this case, to play trumpet at church)
young men who notice your "foggy" headlight and offer to do a restoration treatment on it
grocery shopping

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