Sunday, July 1, 2012


Happy July!

The update I have for you today is about my guitar.

Due to the extreme humidity levels last week and the fact that the guitar I bought had been inside (in a controlled environment) for who knows how long, there were a couple kinks that showed themselves once I got it home.  (These "kinks" resulted in a rattling sound when I played the lower 2 strings.)  So, when I took it in to get this checked out, the workers suggested I just return the guitar and look for a different one, rather than pay for repairs.  I decided to go ahead and return it, but not look for another one there, BECAUSE my wonderful aunt and uncle/neighbors happened to have a guitar just laying around, wishing to be played!!  It came complete with a hard case and everything!  Though it's a little bigger than the one I had before, it produces a really nice sound and will definitely serve my guitar-playing purposes!
Meet Levi.
(The brand is "Dean," but I know too many Dean's to name it that.)
Hooray for things working out and family members who always seem to come to the rescue!  Hopefully, I can have a lasting partnership with this instrument and maybe share the fruits of our labors with you all, someday.  I am making some progress - I've learned the four chords necessary for most worship songs and a couple riffs from rock songs (thanks to the help and guidance of a friend).

Also - I got to spend some quality time with my cousins and sweet second cousins (2 precious little boys) this weekend.  AND thanks to the wedding of one of the amazing "office girls" at the studio, we got in some quality "teacher time" outside of work.  I love quality time, no matter who it's with (ok - it may matter who in some situations)!  I can't remember whether or not it's one of my love languages...hmm...  Maybe I should take that survey again and find out.

Lastly, if you're ever looking for something to do on Sunday evenings, and you're on Facebook, you should check out the Lincoln Municipal Band's page!

Happy (almost) Birthday to my super awesome brother, and Happy 4th of July (a few days early) to you all!  

With increasingly calloused fingers,

Favorites of the day:
"The Pursuit of God" by A.W. Tozer
rhubarb jam

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