Saturday, July 21, 2012

Where did the month go?!

Somehow my summer "break" during the month of July always turns into a do-everything-and-see-everyone-you-can-while-you-have-free-time sort of frenzy.  So...I'm going to attempt to play catch-up (not ketchup...though I do love ketchup) in one post.

Since I last wrote to you, I have:

-hosted a game night.
-gone to a kickin' 3rd of July party...and earned 4th place in the backyard games tourney, thanks to the help of my very capable teammate.
-taken a trip home (to Topeka) which included: best-friend-pool-time (as well as crispitos & slushies and Chick-fil-a & shopping), quality family time (including games, grilling, and homemade ice cream!), lunch with Dad, trip to see Mom's new workplace, and a reality check for Charlie (he had to stay in the hot garage for awhile, and I hope it made him appreciate the fact that he's an indoor cat).
-attended a wedding and super fun reception.
-hosted/coordinated/attended quite a few events for various groups through work...most of which have been outside.
-visited my good friend near Yankton, SD (this trip included lots of lake/beach time, good food, games, s'mores, grilling, and much-needed catch-up chats).
-replaced the rugs in the bathroom after Charlie shut himself in there overnight while we were gone.
-led Bible study (discussion centered around Ester and Job, because I'm currently reading through the Old Testament).
-spent an entire day and evening at home alone (with Charlie, of course) - got a whole lot done that day!
-learned enough chords to play a few songs on the guitar!
-taught some lessons (by appointment) at the studio.
-picked the first of (hopefully) many cherry tomatoes!
-attended my roomie's sister's baby shower - the first of many for this season in my life, I'm sure!
-finished reading a "blook" about dating/relationships.  My brother shared it with me months ago, and I've been reading it little by little.  Check it out - it's worth a read!  Even if you're fairly far removed from the dating game, as I am.  ☺  Here's the link:
-accumulated a couple kiddo stories:

  • I had a summer cold/cough at the beginning of the month and had to miss a day of nannying.  When I saw the kiddos the next week, I received quite the greeting (absence makes the heart grow fonder...?) and the 3-yr.-old told me, "If you're ever sick again, I will be a doctor and fix you up on your face!"  I don't quite know what she meant, but it was followed by a smile and big hug.
  • When I was letting a kiddo pick out a sticker for passing a piano song, he picked one with lots of smiley faces on it.  This soon-to-be 1st grader counted the smileys on the sticker by 5's (after figuring out they were in rows of 5) and declared, "There are 35 smiley faces.  No wait - 36!" and pointed to my smiling face.  I said, "I think there are 37!" pointing to his smiling face.  ☺

I am continually amazed at all I've been blessed with and grateful for the people and relationships in my life.  I spoke in the Bible study I lead about the phrase "for such a time as this" found in Ester's story.  I believe God has been preparing my heart "for such a time as this."  Though I sometimes wonder when the next "season" of my life will come, I am embracing this one and the opportunities I am able to partake of that I wouldn't be able to if I were otherwise "attached" or had anyone but me to care for.  He is continually teaching me to live in the present and strive to bring Him glory in all I do.  

Life. is. good.  (In spite of the heat.)

I hope you all are staying cool and enjoying the last of your July.


P.S. Charlie sends his love.

Favorites of the day:
Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Pop Tarts
unexpected notes/mail
dinner dates with Jesus

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