Thursday, November 8, 2012

Out of the mouths of babes: Part 3

These have been accumulating for a couple weeks, now.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

When introducing one of my students' new songs titled "Rodeo," I asked him if he'd ever been to a rodeo. He said, "No, those only happen out West." I don't think he believed me when I told him there are rodeos right here in Lincoln. ☺

One of my students stopped before playing a piece for me the other day, saying, "I have something I want to give you." He started pulling things out of his pocket (chapstick, lint, etc.), finally found what he was looking for, held his hand out, and gave me these:

2 nickels and a penny
I asked if he was sure he wanted to give those away, and he said, "Yeah - I want you to have them. These are the ones I don't need anymore." I said, "Well, that's very nice of you - thank you!" He said, "Well, they don't go in my piggy bank, and I found them, so I thought you should have them." The conversation then turned to whether or not pennies and dimes are the same size, and of course, why.

One of the little girls I taught this evening was telling me about games they got to make at school today.  "They're like real board games, but they're just on flat paper," she said.  "And we get to eliminate them and take them home!"  My response: " you mean "laminate" them?"  She laughed at herself and replied, "Oh yeah - whatever." with a flip of her hand.

When asking a student to fill out a teacher evaluation form for me, I was telling him he could list things he likes or doesn't like about what I'm doing or things I could do better. He asked if he could write his Christmas list on there (I take it he stopped listening after "List things you like..."). Before I could explain, "No, that's not what it's for," he went on to list the things he wants: "A race car, a rocket launcher, the moon, a spaceship, 162 baby kitties - no wait, my mom's cousin is allergic to those, so I probably shouldn't get them...unless I get ones so small no one could see them...but then I'd step on I would probably keep them in the fish bowl with my fish." I said, "In the water?!" He said, "No...that wouldn't work, either. I'd keep them under my globe on my dresser." Good luck, Santa.

I was prepping one of my new little students about what is going to happen at the recital, because I won't be in attendance during the time he'll perform.  It will be his first recital, but he's watched his siblings perform before, so he knows what it's all about. During this discussion, I started to tell him where he'll be sitting, and he said, "Yeah - and I'll probably be wearing my beautiful shirt and probably my beautiful pants." He has such a sweet little voice, and I was just cracking up at his word choice.

Finally, two conversations with the 5-yr.-old I nanny for:
  • He was eating sardines for lunch (and repeatedly exclaiming how good they tasted and how he liked them so much), and afterward said, "I need to go brush my teeth."  I asked why, and he said, "Well, these sardines sure give you a stinky breath, and I can't go to school like that!"  He made his way to the bathroom, and then I heard him groan and say, "Oh great!"  I went to see what the problem was, and he told me, "I can't get any toothpaste out of here, and now I have to go to school with such a stinky breath!"  Have no fear - I helped him squeeze a little bit of toothpaste out, and he went to school with a minty fresh breath.
  • He came to me the other day saying, "Guess what?!"  As usual, I started guessing ridiculous things, " just ate a're joining the circus...etc., etc."  He said "No!" to them all, then I guessed, " love me a lot."  He paused and frowned, and I said, "You don't love me?!"  He replied in a very calm, reassuring voice, "Well, let's not worry about that right now." 

Thanks for letting me share these!  I know they're probably not as great second-hand, but I probably shouldn't carry around a video camera...  ☺


P.S.  I haven't ever posted about politics, and I don't plan to, but can I just say how much I dislike the extent to which some individuals and groups get so caught up in disagreement and argue about various issues, etc.?  I get annoyed by all the back-and-forth that goes on, but mostly, I am saddened to see friends and family members arguing and relationships being severed over a single issue/candidate/etc.  Don't get me wrong - I am incredibly thankful for our freedom, and I respect individuals' rights to express their opinions.  It's just sad that so often it comes with the consequence of conflict...on so many levels.

Favorites of the day:
b-day celebrations
free pie
opening the sunroof in November!

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