Thursday, February 21, 2013

New meaning...

Welp, happy snow day!

Not much to show for it here, but that's what snow days are all about, right?

Here's how one resident of the coop has spent his day:

The rest of us have followed his example for most of the day, so far.  ☺

I've debated about whether or not to tell ya'll the following story, but it was one of those (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime things that should probably be shared (those of you who get squeamish at the mention of bodily injuries may just want to skim, or skip, this one...):
On Monday morning, Charlie was sitting on my lap while I was checking e-mails.  I was petting and messing with him when a UPS truck pulled in to turn around in the driveway, so he didn't hear it, initially.  When he did hear it, though, he needed to run to the door/window to check it out.  In order to get there, he jumped over me to the back of the couch, catching my eye with his back paw in the process.  Luckily, I've been trimming his claws, so they weren't super sharp, but he still scratched my eyeball and a little bit of the skin below my eye.  

Immediately after the incident, my eye was kind-of burning, and I could feel something catching on my eyelid when I blinked.  It wasn't bleeding, though, and I couldn't actually see a scratch, but I figured I should probably get it checked out, anyway.

One of my students' dads is an optometrist, so I called his office, and they were able to get me in that afternoon.  He was indeed able to see a scratch across my iris and cornea.  It wasn't deep, but he said it was a good thing I came in, because there was a little flap of eye skin that needed to be removed in order for the new tissue to grow in and heal.  After numbing my eye with a drop of special potion, he removed the flap of skin and instructed me to put in my contact to act as a bandaid...and to leave it in that night (something I've always been instructed not to do)!

Yes, it was uncomfortable the rest of that day (felt like there was a big eyelash under my contact), and I had to do some explaining to my students about why I was squinty and sometimes teary-eyed.  The eye heals faster than any other part of our bodies, though, so when I went in for a check-up the next day, it was 90% healed, and I could tell it felt better.  It was super sensitive to light, though, and of course, the sun was shining without a cloud in the sky that day.  So, the doctor dilated that eye in order to relax the reflexes that were making it so hard to keep my eyes open when outside...and when driving.  Had to explain that one to my students, too.  ☺  

Today, it seems to be 100% better - pretty amazing!  The whole ordeal sure gives new meaning to the phrase "makes me want to scratch my eyes out," though!  Definitely not a pleasant experience...but it could have been so much worse, and I'm very thankful it wasn't.

For all you cat-haters out there, don't let this story fuel your fire - it was just an accident.  ☺

Stay as safe and warm as possible!  Hopefully, I won't need to call on any of you to come help dig us out of the coop...

Happily seeing,

Favorites of the day:
not setting an alarm
Doritos (Nacho Cheese flavor, of course)

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