Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A word from the king of the coop

Greetings everyone,  

It's me, Charlie.  Happy snow day!  I'm enjoying mine here with my favorite coopmates.  I've been watching Kensy on her computer lately, and noticed that she hasn't been writing much about me in this blog.  So, I decided to help her out a little bit and do it myself.

I think you've heard about my love of empty pop boxes.  Well, you may not know that I like to be picked up and carried/spun/swung around in them.  Seriously.  If I'm dumped out of one, I'll just get in again in hopes of getting a ride.

My coopmates also just built me this awesome tunnel.  Here I am before...
...and after.  So fun!

I also like to play fetch sometimes.  Granted, I rarely bring my ball directly back to the thrower, but I will take it to the same special place every time with the hope that it will be thrown again.

My most recent favorite spot to be is above the kitchen cabinets and sink.

Another thing I like to do: lick water out of the sink and shower.  Maybe you've heard about that already, but I love it enough for it to be mentioned again.

Here I am lounging on the cat house I inherited from Kensy's family's previous cats.  I've heard that none of them ever really liked it.  I relax on it on occasion, but I mostly use it as a step up to the windowsill above it...
...and then I can be found like this, or hanging with both paws out.  I get in trouble for this one.
One last thing I like to do: play peek-a-boo/hide-and-seek.  I love it when someone hides from me and I get to sneak up on them.  Don't worry - I don't attack with claws, just a playful tap.

As you can probably gather, all of this playing really wears me out.  So, I can be found in this spot many times during the day:

Thanks for reading!  I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible - visitors are always welcome.  : )


Favorites of the day:
my jingle ball (the green one - I can't find the orange one...)
looking out the window at the snow

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