Wednesday, April 13, 2011

True confession of a cat owner


(If you're not going to read this entire post, please at least watch the video in my "favorites of the day" section!)

I just have a couple Charlie pictures to share, really quick:
Don't know if you can see the little lady bug (or Asian beetle) to the right of Charlie on the scalloped wood, but Charlie is hunting it.
The hunt continues...this kept him entertained for quite a while!
Now, I'm going to share something that may cause you to judge me.  I always thought this concept was silly and frivolous.  After adopting Charlie and deciding he'd be an inside cat, however, I decided to try it.  I wanted him to be able to be outside, but didn't want to leave him there unattended, because who knows when he'd decide to come back in...and there are stray cats and dogs and coyotes in VERY close proximity to the coop.  

So, my confession: I walk my cat.  Go ahead - take a couple seconds to laugh, etc., and when you've composed yourself, let me explain further.

Charlie absolutely loves it!  Granted, the first time I put his little harness on, he couldn't figure out how to walk, so he sat down and fell straight over like a statue (it was the funniest thing!).  Once we got outside, though, he was more interested in all the new sights, sounds, and smells.  Now, he's all about prowling/walking around (though I still have to drag him if I want to go anywhere), rolling in the dirt, climbing little trees, and he cries when we come back inside.  Here he is modeling his harness:
Isn't he a good kitty to pose like that without even being asked?  : )

Furthermore, I have some video footage that supports cat-walking (thanks to my mom for drawing my attention to it!).  It's a pretty hilarious clip, whether it's meant to be or not, so you should probably watch it:

I almost feel like "the crazy cat lady" in posting so many pictures of/stories about Charlie, but I also know many of you would be happy if that was the only thing I wrote about.  So, my apologies to those non-cat lovers out there, and "you're welcome" to the rest of you.  : )

One more unrelated story to share: When I was nannying yesterday, the little 1 1/2-year-old girl took my hand and said something that sounded like, "Peace."  I said, "Peace be with you?" and she lit up and excitedly said, "Mmhmm!!"  I shook her hand and said, "And also with you."  : )

Enjoy the day,

Favorites of the day:
this drama  (They did it at church on Sunday, and I was in tears.  I'd seen it before, but it gets me every time!)

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