Saturday, August 20, 2011


Welp - the results are in, and my suspicions were confirmed: A post's title has a whole lot to do with its number of readers.

The average number of page views per post has been about 30-40 after a week of being posted (for my blog, at least).  That being said, last night's post titled "Not single anymore!!" had a whopping 57 views in the last 24 hours!  It also has more comments than any other post, so far.  So, I guess I'll just have to come up with some really surprising/shocking/enticing titles to ensure maximum readers from now on.  haha - just kidding.  I'll keep doing what I was and hope that the post content draws more fans.

Thanks again, everyone, for participating in this little experiment.  : )

Also - forgot to share this story:
I brought back seashells from our trip to Florida for my students this summer before we were done with lessons at the end of June.  The other day, one of  the little guys I taught last year walks into his lesson with a grin on his face and something behind his back.  It was a seashell for me!  He picked it up for me on the beach when they went to Florida, too!  : )

That's all, for now!  Happy Sunday!


Favorites of the day:
dinner at the Parthenon and everything that went with it
clean sheets

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