Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Guess what, you guys?!

The Scoop from The Coop hit over 20,000 views this past week!

I wish I could have an "in person" reaction...but we'll have to settle for a "WWHHHAATTT?!?!?!!??!!"

So, in honor of this milestone, I thought I'd do an ultimate favorites list - say...20 Favorite Things, perhaps...?  ; )

(in no particular order)

1. Favorite color: red

2. Favorite animal: cat

3. Favorite game show: Wheel of Fortune
The Price is Right is a close second.

4. Favorite Pampered Chef product: Crinkle Cutter
This is both a nostalgic and practical choice.  Except, they stopped selling them - have I mentioned that here, yet?  Yeah - they discontinued my favorite product a few weeks after I signed on to be a consultant.  I literally almost cried.  Don't worry, though - I stocked up before they were completely out.

5. Favorite place to get a burger: Five Guys
The fact that I actually have a favorite burger place was a recent epiphany...and has proven itself true on multiple occasions, already (as in, I am disappointed by burgers elsewhere).  I crave these burgers regularly (stop right there - no need to read into that), and am always satisfied when we do indulge.  Plus, they just started selling pretty killer milkshakes, too, so...

6. Favorite web browser: Chrome

7. Favorite pizza: Papa John's
I'm going to have to specify "carry-out or delivery" here, because I could never choose between the traditional pizza I've had on the streets of Italy, the deep-dish deliciousness found in Chicago, and the homemade creations I've had in some of your kitchens.  They're just all too good!  So, favorite readily-available pizza would have to be Papa John's.

8. Favorite way to eat corn: on the cob

9. Favorite card game: Pitch

10. Favorite retail store: Target
Honestly, I think I have lots of favorites, but this is the most consistent one - I've always loved Target, and I'm pretty sure I always will.

11. Favorite nickname I've been given: Kens
That can be considered a nickname, right?

12. Favorite Pandora station: shuffle

13. Favorite Wii game: Just Dance

14. Favorite season: fall

15. Favorite thing about building a fire: s'mores

16. Favorite footwear: flip-flops

17. Favorite late-night host: Jimmy Fallon

18. Favorite Olympic sport to watch: figure skating

19. Favorite flower: roses
But I really love all flowers!

20. Favorite person: Bryant ♥
There is a pretty extensive tie for second-favorite. ☺

Thank you so much for contributing to this ever-growing view count!  I so appreciate your interest and support.  You are the reason I keep writing.

I'd love to answer any questions you have and/or write about whatever topics you'd like, so please let me know if you have any!  (You can leave an anonymous comment, if you're more comfortable with that.)

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Favorites of the day:
checking things off to-do lists
The "new perspective" I gained this past weekend. ☺

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