Friday, November 11, 2011

Do you know what today is...?!

Yes, it's 11-11-11 (better make a couple really great wishes at 11:11 a.m. & p.m.).

Yes, it's Veteran's Day (and I'd like to express my deepest gratitude to all who have served and are serving in the various branches of the armed forces).

BUT, it is ALSO the one-year anniversary of this blog!  Can you believe it?!  About a month ago, I looked back through my posts to remind myself when I started this "project" and had prepared to be prepared to write something deep and meaningful about what this year of blogging has entailed.  Then, sure enough, I realized late last night that the day had crept up on me!  So, instead of a lengthy reflection, you get a few semi-deep thoughts.  Not sure whether or not to apologize about that...  : )

This year has brought so many small changes, big blessings, new people, exciting opportunities, unforgettable experiences...and I've been so glad to be able to share it all with such a receptive audience!  I so very much appreciate your faithful reading, positive feedback, and support as I continue on this path God has laid out before me.

As a small tribute (or something to that effect), I'd really like to know your favorite "Scoop from The Coop" post/quote/picture.  Hopefully you've figured out the comment section, by now.  If not, there's a post about it!  Or you could contact me via one of the many other ways technology allows for these days.

Here's to another year...or more!


P.S. I did not win the costume contest - FYI.  I came in a close second to a beautiful Renaissance lady with a homemade headdress.  : )

Favorites of the day:
yoga classes
having a working car (after its second trip to the mechanic...and an additional replaced headlight)
discovering new pieces of information/meanings in the Bible

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