Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving: Charlie-style

Happy Belated Thanksgiving, everyone!  Charlie, here.  It's been awhile since I wrote about anything going on with me, so I thought I'd tell you about my trip to Topeka!  That's right - I got to go home with Kensy for the holiday week/end.  I was so very thankful to not be left home alone for those few days.  I hope you were also not home alone.  : )

Kensy helped me document my trip with some pictures - enjoy!
After our long drives to this place, Q and I were both pretty sleepy...even though I slept in Kensy's lap almost the whole way.  Yeah...I wasn't too excited about riding the whole way in that cat carrier, so I asked (maybe too loudly) to be let out.
They have a laundry basket here?!
Ah, yes.  I love these!
Then, Q gave me a ride in it!
Then, I got sick.
Just kidding - this actually isn't what it looks like.  I'm just really obsessed with toilets and was excited to figure out how a different one works.  I wasn't drinking out of it in this picture, but that doesn't mean I never did...
I got a little tired of everyone trying to play with me, so I found a cozy corner by the piano rolls.
Look!  I found the tub - my favorite!
Do you think water comes out of this faucet, too?
Yep - sure does!

AND the drain cover comes off here, too!  Too bad I couldn't get my paw further down this one, though...
Even though I couldn't get on top of the cabinets here, I still supervised the kitchen like I do at home while Kensy was making these...
What a fun new toy for my Thanksgiving day alone!  After playing with it awhile, I figured out the top comes out/off, so I could get the ball out no problem...I don't think the designers counted on me being able to do that.  It was still fun, though!
I never get the chance to leave footprints on cars like other kitties do, so I made up for it during my time in the garage!
As much as I liked exploring the garage, I quickly figured out how to ask to be let back inside (i.e. meowing politely)...and how not to ask (i.e. scratching at the door).
I was glad Kensy brought one of my straws for me to play with.  I do love straws!
Kensy let me hang out on her bed for awhile...
...she's so nice!
Even though I'd never really seen stairs before, I was a pro at navigating them!
Kensy and Q let me watch The Office with them!
It was fun to watch the guys put up the Christmas lights.  I wish I could've helped!
I had soooo much fun over the weekend, but it sure wore me out!  I sat/slept quietly in the car on the way to Manhattan, while Kensy hung out with Q and some other great people, AND all the way back to the coop.  Once we got back, I made sure everything was as I left it and settled in for a good night's sleep on my favorite pillow.

I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving and the week is off to a great start!


Favorites of the day:
 safe traveling
the new toys I brought back from Topeka

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