Thursday, December 1, 2011

Does it scare YOU?

Well, now that some of you think I'm the crazy cat lady, I have a "normal" update to remind you that I'm not that girl (cue Wicked song).

I hope you all have had a good week back after a nice long weekend!  Mine has gone well and very quickly!

I wanted to share this conversation I had with a 5-yr.-old student yesterday:
Me: Would you like some invitations to give people you'd like to invite to our recital?
Him (immediately): Whatever.
Me: What?
Him: Whatever.
Me: What do you mean by 'whatever'?
Him: I guess I'd probably just be ok if I didn't get any.
Me: You don't want to invite anyone to hear you play?
Him: No.
Me: It would probably be more polite to just say, "No, thank you," then.
Him: No, thank you.

Is he 13?!  Sheesh.  He's not a mean or impolite kiddo, so this was a bit of a shocker for me.  It makes me wonder where kids are getting their social skills these days, because I don't think this type of interaction is out of the ordinary for children of all ages nowadays.

I've had a few conversations with various friends lately about our fear of potentially raising children in today's world/culture.  The future of technology alone blows my mind and kind-of frightens me.  I wonder whether or not our parents' and/or grandparents' generations had the same fear(s) and how they feel now about that "future" that had become the present.

I'll leave it at that, for now.  Thoughts?

Happy December!

Favorites of the day:
checking things off to-do and grocery lists
my brother
exciting news!
my electric blanket

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  1. I'm your favorite of the day?! (Is there a difference between ?! and !?)
    Thanks Sis!