Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Never a dull moment...

Happy end of "hump day," everyone!  I have a couple stories I don't want to forget to share, so you get them now!  Enjoy...

First of all, here are a few additions to my duties as "music librarian":
-fish nurturer (above and beyond "fish feeder")
-greeting card maker/signer
-social media developer
-personal schedule updater
-"apprentice ornithologist"
-master binding machine operator

The 2-yr.-old I nanny for has picked up on the "See you later, alligator!" salutation I've occasionally given her brother.  Now, she says it to me before I leave, so I get to say, "After awhile, crocodile!" in response.  : )  Also, if you have any idea what oil-absorbing sheets are, you should ask me about a story I have about them...haha

As somewhat embarrassing as this story is, it's worth sharing:
Remember the "whatever" response I got from a student last week?  The following conversation was with the same 5-yr.-old at his lesson this week while I was teaching a technique for jumping down to play a loud, low note on the piano by pretending something you're holding high on top of your hand just fell off and your hand falls in exhaustion (I won't take credit for it - it was in the book):
Me: What's the heaviest thing you can think of?
Him: What's "heaviest?"
Me: Something that's really big and hard to pick up is a truck or a house.
Him: Or a world?
Me: Yes!  So, we're going to pretend...
Him (interrupting me): "And you're heavy."
Me: Excuse me?
Him: Grownups are heavy.
Me: Yes, grownups are heavier than kids.  (then continued with my explanation of the technique)

There really isn't anything more to say after that...

Have a wonderful rest of the week and stay warm!


Favorites of the day:
how much Charlie loves to play with the badminton birdie we brought back from Topeka (what's left of it, that is...)
Christmas decorations
Walgreen's photo center's satisfaction guarantee  : )

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