Thursday, December 22, 2011

A few last minute updates from 2011

Hello, all!  As it turns out, you ARE hearing from me before Christmas and New Year's - lucky you!

I've received some gifts from students this past week that can't go without sharing:
A baby poinsettia!
A customized bookmark!
A bouquet of flowers...that will last forever!
I've received so many generous gifts from students, coworkers, and bosses, and I'd like to publicly thank all of them!  

I'd also like to show you a couple of the beautiful homemade gifts I've received from my roomie the last couple of years - she's so talented!
They're blocks and can be set up in a variety of ways!
A quote from the infamous "whatever" student (again - he's 5):
Me: "Can you tell me what a waltz is?"  (We'd talked about it last week.)
Him (without missing a beat): "When you get married."

Finally, no post would be complete without a Charlie-ism:
Charlie's most recent obsession is to get in the dryer when it's warm (and usually when there are toasty, clean clothes still in there).  He silently sneaks in when one is taking clothes out and is content to sit inside till it returns to room temperature.  Apparently, he's not as perceptive as he could be, because the other night he jumped in while the dryer was being loaded with wet clothes...and without my roomie knowing.  She started the dryer and it went around twice before she was able to open it to investigate the loud "thump" she heard.  Out jumped a pretty unphased Charlie.  We'll see if he tries to get in again after that ride!

Have a very blessed Christmas, and I'll see you next year (a favorite line of many students this week)!


Favorites of the day:
clean sheets + electric blanket
my Cranberry Cider candle

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