Monday, January 10, 2011

Dr. Pepper kitty

After spending the day "all 'coop'ed up" as my boss put it, Charlie and I got creative with our means of entertainment.  I know all kitties like boxes, but I just have to share these pictures of Charlie's experience with a Dr. Pepper box.  Initially, he wasn't too thrilled about it, but then I opened the other end, so he could see through it.  This is what followed: 

He took a running leap into it and slid probably 3 feet before the wall brought him and the box to a halt.
He proceeded to try to back out of the box. 
Notice the paw coming through the handle hole in the top of the box.
Once he got out, he turned around and dove in the other way.

Maybe some of you have seen the "yogurt box cat" video...?  If not, here's a link:

Charlie is obviously not as big as that kitty, and his box wasn't as small, but I'd say he had a similar experience.  : )

Hope this finds you warm and cozy!


Favorites of the day:
snow days!
my uncle for scooping the driveway

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