Sunday, January 23, 2011

God verbs

Well, the Christmas/winter decorations are put away, and now I'm looking into getting some Valentine's day ones.  Can't believe it's almost February!  Pretty soon we won't have an excuse for accidentally writing 2010.  : )

Just wanted to share what we're studying in Bible study for the next few weeks, because I think it's cool!  We're reading through Ephesians, which many of us have done already.  This time, however, we're breaking it down in a variety of ways.  Last week, we read through chapters 1 and 2 and highlighted the verbs used to describe what God did/does for us.  Examples include: chose, predestined, included, marked, lavished, purposed, promised, raised, expressed, saved, and prepared.  It was so great to see all these actions pop out and it led to some great discussion!  Next week, I think we're going to underline/circle/highlight in a different color the commands Paul gives the people of Ephesus, and will do something completely different another week.  This study strategy allows for us to read the Word from a variety of perspectives and is really engaging, in my opinion!  I'm one of those people who loved to circle the verbs/underline the nouns/cross out the prepositional phrases in English class, though.  : )

By the way - while writing this, I'm watching a show about origami and how it has practical applications (airbags, folding proteins to fight diseases, etc.).  Pretty amazing!  Sometimes people's minds, intelligence, and the creative process itself blow me away.

Have a lovely week and stay warm!

In Him,

Favorites of the day:
having friends and family over for an "open coop" party, despite the weather!
(Those of you who didn't make it are welcome anytime!)
the kitten napping on my lap : )
sunshine on the snow

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