Saturday, January 8, 2011

Getting to know you...(I just sang it in my head - feel free to do the same!)

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Hope this finds you well and ready for some winter weather!

Just thought I'd update you on the newest resident in the coop.  He's doing very well, learning quickly, and being everything I'd hoped for in a kitty.  : )  He's currently situating himself on my lap (takes him awhile to get comfortable sometimes), and purring non-stop.

As we've spent more time together, I've discovered some strange obsessions/habits of Charlie's:
  • He likes to sit in the shower (I don't have a tub/shower combo - just a there isn't a tall ledge to jump over).  I think he likes to be hidden by the shower curtain...and he likes to play hide-and-seek in and around the curtain.  But I also think he likes to watch/listen to/monitor any dripping water.
  • Sometimes he just digs in his litter box just for fun.
  • He likes to hide under rugs.  (This is not unusual for kitties, I know).
  • I don't know if most cats like to watch water coming out of a faucet (I've heard of a few that do), but Charlie definitely does.  Last night, he was "helping" me brush my teeth, and discovered the miracle of running water.  I was able to capture the moment, however, I can't get the video to upload.  Bummer!  You'll just have to picture him batting at the stream of water, getting confussed, trying to drink it, and getting his face and paws soaking wet in the process.  This is how I found him a little bit later:

Needless to say, I think the squirt-with-water discipline system we're currently on may soon prove to be ineffective...

There's really not much else to share...oh wait!  Yes, there is:

Due to Christmas/New Year's vacation, I didn't see the kiddos I teach at the studio for close to 3 weeks.  Yesterday evening, we had our first CMA class (Children's Music Academy - the group piano class for 4/5-yr.-olds and their parent I teach) since the break.  The first little girl to arrive ran in and into my arms for a hug exclaiming, "Miss Kensy!!!  I missed you!!!  I LOVE you, Miss Kensy!!!!"  Then, one of my piano students gave me a thank you note for her Christmas gift.  In it, she deemed me "the best piano teacher in the whole universe."  Just one of the many reasons I love what I do.  : )

Ok, that's all for real this time. 

Stay warm,

Favorites of the day:
game nights
having a clean car (on the outside; I usually keep the interior pretty tidy) - I know it won't last long, but it feels so great!

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  1. Haha...Jack loves to sit in the tub! And he gets in the bathroom sink too...once I decided to turn the water on in the sink to stop him from jumping in again. He just looked at it with this bewildered expression on his was so funny.

    The squirt bottle thing does work with Jack though...he doesn't like getting the stream sprayed at him very much. Now he reacts to the sound of the spray bottle, not the water itself. :)