Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snow day 2012!

So...for those of you who don't live in Lincoln or the surrounding areas, here's a little back-story:
A few days ago, the weathermen started warning us that there was a winter storm coming this weekend and suggested we stock up before it hits.  It rained all day yesterday and seemed like it was going to just keep raining.  I had planned on picking up a few things at HyVee after work, so stopped after teaching last.  I miraculously found a decent parking spot and took the second-to-last cart inside the door.  Needless to say, it was insanity inside.  They were running out of things left and right and had several large pallets of items in the isles.  The workers looked as though they'd been through a roller coaster in a hurricane and strangers were talking to each other about their own weather predictions, whether or not they have to be out of the house the next day, and how crazy Nebraska weather is.

As it turns out, the weathermen were correct - we got hit with over 13 inches of snow (so far) starting after 11 p.m. last night.  My aunt and I were planning on leaving early this morning to Lindsborg, KS to celebrate my grandparent's anniversary, but decided not to since we couldn't see the end of the driveway and were in a Winter Weather Advisory till this evening.  As a result, we had a snow day.  Here is documentation of the day's festivities.  : )
Since we couldn't go to Lindsborg (a.k.a. Little Sweden), I decided to bring a little taste of Sweden here and made Swedish pancakes for breakfast.
My dad made these every Sunday morning when we lived at home (and still does!), so I thought I'd try my hand at them.  First attempt: not a success...
...they all turned out after that, though!
(Except they're only half the size of the ones dad makes.)
Out the frosted window.
Couldn't open the door on the north side of the coop.
Vern in his new, less snowy location.
Yep - up to my knees.  No, it's not a drift.
Our snowgirl!
We named her Delilah Rose.
Yummy (warm) lunch after our time outside.
Of course, there was lots of productivity and "screen time" throughout the day, too.  I was sad to not be with my family, but was glad for the day of "whatever you want to do."

Do YOU have any snow day stories to share?


Favorites of the day:
Colby Ridge popcorn
having people to share the snow day with  : )
crossing things off lists

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