Monday, February 27, 2012

A couple quick musical thoughts... ♫


Lucky you - new blog posts two days in a row!  ☺  Just wanted to get a couple things out while they're fresh:

Remember that student who won't let me say "give him a hand" without commenting?  Well, this evening in class, the boys asked me to play the piano (it's a baby grand), so they could watch it work.  I asked them to wait patiently till the end of class, then granted their request.  When I was done playing (I played part of a Clementi sonatina), the same little guy said, "I'll give you my hand!  No, I want to give you BOTH of my hands - that was awesome!"  Warmed my heart!

Also - this Friday I have the privilege of performing at the NSBA (Nebraska State Bandmasters Association) convention with the NWU band.  Since I'm performing with them, I'm attending a couple rehearsals this week.  One was this afternoon, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!  I can't tell you how great it felt to play in an ensemble again...and a quality one, at that!  My dad always told me to enjoy and not take advantage of my opportunity to play and perform with such quality groups during my college years.  I can't say I enjoyed it every day then, but now, I do so very much appreciate and value the many musical and non-musical opportunities and experiences these ensembles and performances provided.  Thanks, Dr. Z and fellow musicians, for the opportunity this week.  To quote Dr. Z, "Feels like old times."   ☺

That's all for now!

Hope you all have a happy Tuesday!


Favorites of the day:
Bible study
mini cupcakes
gentlemen (polite men)

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  1. It's really great opportunity!! My Congratulations and best wishes!!