Thursday, March 1, 2012

Even more things to share!

Happy March!  

I feel like I just keep sharing day-to-day things with you...hope you don't mind!  These are things I wish I could tell a lot of you in person, but don't have the opportunity to do so, so I'm sharing it via my blog.  If there's something you'd rather hear/read about, please let me know!  

The 4-yr.-old I nanny for and I were playing "army guys" the other morning.  I had to put the setting-up-of-bases on pause while I fixed lunch, and when we resumed playing, this is what I found:
He explained, "Your ship was dirty, so I put the cleaner guys up there.  My big ship is REALLY dirty, so I put five cleaner guys on mine." (For those of you who are unfamiliar with army guys, these are actually minesweepers holding metal detectors...) ☺

Also - this has been a regular occurrence for awhile, but I keep failing to capture the moment:
Charlie's warm spot.
Also, for those of you not on Facebook, here's a funny moment from today:
A mom brought her teenage son to Zumba today...he was the lone male in a room of 20.  He was a pretty good sport about it for about 40 minutes, then he went to lift weights.  Definitely made for an even more entertaining class! ☺

Looking forward to the band concert tomorrow and a photo shoot this weekend (results to follow shortly, hope)!

Anticipating spring,

Favorites of the day:
my new wireless mouse (after Charlie chewed the cord to the receiver of my old one...)
BOGO Noodles & Co. on Leap Day!

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