Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Journey

Yawn...we three coopmates just woke up form a rainy-day induced nap on the couch.  There aren't many things better than Sunday afternoon naps...when it's rainy outside...and you don't have any other obligations!  Love it.  Now, for some other thoughts:

Have you ever thought about how minute this moment is in the grand scheme of things?  I think it's pretty common to think about how small our lives are in comparison to the life of the world, but how often do we think about how small each minute of our own lives is in comparison to our entire lives?  Maybe it's just me...

Another mind-blowing thought: Reading this post is affecting you...right now.  It's affecting you in a different way than it affected me when I wrote it and in a different way than the next person who reads it.  Everything you do has an effect on the rest of your life, in my opinion.  I think whoever is orchestrating it all, whether it be God, Mother Nature, whoever or whatever you choose to believe in, has the coolest job ever.  Wouldn't it be awesome to see so many chains of cause and effect and to see all the stories play out, intertwine, affect each other, etc.?

This reminds me of really cool song (click for video) - the NWU choir sang an arrangement of it a couple year ago.  I always caught their rehearsal of it while I ate my lunch in the music building lounge.  ☺  The album it's from is called "The Journey," so that's why I associate it with this topic, I think.  haha

Also reminds me of this song about cause and effect.  This one is a little more relevant: click!

We each have our own journey.  Everything I write in this blog (including that post) comes from mine, and the way you interpret/accept/understand it comes from yours.  I'd love to share my own journey/story/testimony with you all, but would rather do so in person.  Please let me know if you'd like to swap stories - I would so love to grab coffee/lunch/dinner and chat with any and all of you!

Thanks for respecting me, my thoughts, and the experiences from which I've gathered it all.  I hope you know that I respect each of you, as well.  I truly appreciate you.

Enjoy the week!

Respectfully ☺,

Favorites of the day:
spring break!
lazzzzy Sundays
the car wash the rain just provided

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