Sunday, March 25, 2012

Favorites of the week/end

Yep - it's a special edition post - lucky you!  

Favorites of this week and weekend:

such amazing work places, coworkers, and bosses
banana bars (with cream cheese frosting, of course)
Raising Cane's (if you live in Lincoln and haven't eaten here, you should probably change that real quick)
wearing skirts and flip-flops
the Hunger Games trilogy (It's been on my summer reading list for months, but I decided to break down and read them now, instead.  I started them Tuesday night and will start the third book tonight.  They are excellent.  There's really no other way to say it.  You should probably read them...seriously.  No, I haven't seen the movie, yet, but hope to soon!  Any takers? ☺)
laying outside and March!
stamping weekend
bike rides!
Scrabble/Words with Friends
massage voucher on Groupon (and $5 in Groupon bucks to use toward it!)
baby cinnamon roll (recipe courtesy of Pinterest)
this guy:

Quick student story:
I asked one of the 6-yr.-old girls I teach (the one who wanted to set me up with her uncle) if she had any questions at the end of her lesson.  She said, "Yes - Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?"  I replied, "Yes, why do you ask?"  She said, "Well, some people don't."  Fair enough.

Enjoy the week,

P.S.  Thanks for the 6,500+ page views! ☺

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