Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break!

What a lovely week - weather and otherwise!  

I was on spring break at the studio this week, so took a couple days off everything else to go home.  I was able to see my brother briefly, spend some quality time with my parents (including a few games of Pickleball!), have lunch with a good friend, and spend a day with my best friend in her first grade classroom!
They reached the next level on their "awesome behavior" thermometer, so I got in on a puppet-making party!  It was sooo great to meet them all and see what Miss Ford gets to do every day.  ☺
To top off the week, I spend this evening having a picnic with former/current roommates at Holmes Lake.  It felt so wonderful to spend some time outside...and with the girls!  (Ice cream followed, of course!)

Another thing:
You may remember me mentioning a photo shoot a few weeks ago...?  Well, the results are in!  On a chilly evening (as in probably upper 30s), I put on my favorite prom dress and laid barefoot on an old player piano while playing my trumpet...outside.  The reason: Harris Academy of the Arts is going to be putting together some new marketing materials, so we're all getting new head shots and some additional "artsy" photos.  Pretty exciting!

Now, I'm ready for the weekend ahead - hope you all are, too!


Favorites of the day:
flip-flop weather...enough said

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