Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Follow-up...and potatoes : )


So, that last post got quite a variety of responses (and even more people read it within the first day than my "Not Single Anymore" post).  Again, I appreciate your continued interest in what I have to say, your support, and your input.  I just have a couple things to add to my previous thoughts:
  • I am not perfect.  I hope I never come across as seeming to think I am, because I am not.  Though I'm not proud of it,  there are plenty of sins I commit each and every day.  I'm not going to take time to list them here, but just ask if you'd like specifics.  Thankfully, Jesus took care of covering all these, and more...in addition to everyone else's sins, when He died on the cross.
  • That post was not meant to target anyone specifically, nor was the timing intentional (on my part, at least).  Like I said, I'd been working on putting those thoughts/beliefs into writing for quite awhile and just felt very convicted to publish them the other day.  I did not write it in order to avoid face-to-face conversations.  I do appreciate the conversations that have/will come of it, though! 
  • I should probably have placed heavier consideration on how some may have felt after reading what I had to say, and I would like to apologize for any hurt feelings I may have caused.  That result was so very far from my intent in sharing my thoughts.

In other news, I made this recipe from Pinterest the other night.  They turned out just as I'd hoped!  Click for recipe.
I call them Smashed Baked Potatoes.
I'll leave it at that, for now.  Have a great rest of the week!


Favorites of the day:
the fact that I can wear open-toed shoes today!!
God's grace
spring break (next week!)
the power of prayer

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