Saturday, November 27, 2010

Decorating the Coop

I'm so thankful to have such a great family and to be able to spend time with them during the holidays!  It was a wonderful Thanksgiving full of food, football, music, and games!  We're a big game/card-playing family, and we all laughed so much it hurt on more than one occasion the past couple of days.  : )

Here is a picture of my first Thanksgiving decorations (I inherited them from my grandma's cousin this weekend):

I'd planned on putting up Christmas decorations when I got back to my place today, but much to my dismay, I don't have many decorations of my own!  I should've had mom and dad bring some of mine from home this weekend, but even then, I don't know that they would do the trick.  I'm used to having 3 other roommates to contribute decorations...not the case this year!

SO, I ask you, dear readers: Where should I look to build my decoration collection?

This is the perfect opportunity to give you a glimpse into my coop!  I'm living in a refurbished chicken coop on my aunt and uncle's farm-ish property north of town.  They added onto and refurbished the existing chicken coop a few years ago and have been renting it out to people ever since.  I'm so glad they saved it for me after the last tenant moved out - it's perfect for this time in my life!!  Take a peek:

Here's the south side.  You can see the original coop - it's the shorter roof at the back. 
The front side in this shot is the "new addition."

This is the kitchen.  You could've probably figured that out on your own.

The view of the living room from the kitchen.  This room has changed since the picture was taken - now, there's a bigger TV, the couch and table are at a diagonal, and there's a large plant by the window.

This was taken from the north end, so it's the original coop.  Yes, that is a wood-burning stove.  I have yet to use it.  Also, notice the music corner - it's grown since this picture was taken.  : )

Yes, there's more to it, but you get the idea.  If you want to see more, you'll just have to come visit!  Now that you've seen the place, maybe you can give me some ideas on how to decorate and with what.  Thanks in advance!


Favorites of the day:
college football (namely, Husker football)
the holiday season


  1. I feel like a tree or two would make it feel very Christmas-y. :) Maybe a nativity with some garland and lights too...I could go on and on (as you could probably guess) but those are just some of my most favorites.

  2. Yes, garlands and strings of lights...greenery and lots of candles and potpourri with scents of the season. a great place to get Christmas decorations is at Goodwill and other thrift stores! {you will be surprised at what other folks decide to get rid of!} I wish i could send a box of decorations to you! i am "downsizing" this year and truly have things to share! Maybe if someone is heading north i could send some along! in any case...have FUN with it!

  3. For lights, you might want to consider starting with LED ones. They're a bit more expensive, but much cheaper to run! Start small & add a bit each year! Michael's has a three pack of small trees for $15. It might be fun to have more than one - a music one, a cat one, a traditional one, comes to mind when I think of you. :) I could see a beautiful pre-lit garland hanging on the porch rail. Only buy things you love & you will enjoy them for a long time. I've seen solar powered path markers @ Ace for $3 each - those might be fun by the sidewalk in "front" or by the porch in the back. Lowe's (and most everywhere) has the battery operated candles you can place in the windows. Those are easy to dress up on a table w/greenery & pinecones (I KNOW you have some of those on the property!) Gotta go - we're hanging lights now. . . Love you!
    Peace --C

  4. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I do have a 3-ft. fiberoptic tree that I'll definitely put up. I was actually at a couple thrift stores yesterday and found a few things! Will keep looking there, for sure. I will be investing in some garland - I just realized how great it would look above the kitchen cabinets. : ) Enjoy all your decorating endeavors!