Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes...

One of the jobs I've been blessed with is to nanny (once or twice a week) for a 1-yr.-old girl (MA) and 3-yr.-old boy (JP).  They are part of a wonderful family, and I'm so thankful they have welcomed me into their home and lives.

A day spent with JP, especially, is never dull.  I've kept a list of some things he's done and said, and would like to share them with you! 

  • While we're stopped for a snack on our walk, he said, "When you love your best friend, you kiss them!" and proceeded to kiss my hand three times.  (It's moments like these that more than make up for some of his less desirable actions.)
  • hangabugers = hamburgers
  • I was listening in on him playing with some animals.  It was time for them to go to bed, and his narration went as follows:  "When the sun settles, they all have to go to sleep." (pause) "SUN’S UP!!"
  • “for your shirt can’t get dirty” = apron
  • As we’re making cherry turnovers, he leans in, gives me a side hug, and says, “I love my Kensy!”
  • Conversation while we were "cooking" in the play kitchen on my birthday:
    JP: Are you having a party later at your house?
    Me: Umm....maybe.  (I wasn't, but thought that might rock his world.)
    JP: You GOTTA have one!  Here - I'll make you a cake and we'll have a party.  (They have a plastic birthday cake, but he really "made" me a cake by stacking other random pieces of plastic food.)
  • fishing wand = fishing pole/rod
  • As he’s bringing out the Mr. Potato Head box, “Want to play Mashed Potatoes?!”
  • Uncle Donald's = McDonald's  (No, he doesn't have an uncle Donald.)
  • Conversation as we were playing cars ("racing" them, actually):
    JP: What's this?  A milk truck?
    Me: No, it's an ambulance.
    JP: What's that?
    Me: It takes sick people to the hospital.
    -about 5 minutes pass...we're still playing cars-
    JP: (urgently) Get your people in the amblience!
    Me: What people?
    JP: The people in your cars!
    Me: Why?
    JP: They're sick - they need to go to the hostipal!
    (Please look closely at the bolded words.)
  • 1-yr.-old MA just as precious, she just isn't talking, yet.  She's getting very close, though!  Examples:
    • I mentioned she's started saying "Ta-da!" which comes out as "Ba-Baa!" with the proper vocal inflections.
    • She'll instruct you to "Shh!" when her babies are sleeping, complete with a finger raised to the mouth.
    • For "yes," she says "Mmm hmmm!" with the pitch of her voice escalating at the end of the "hmmm!"
  • While I was doing a floor puzzle with JP yesterday, MA walked over and started rubbing my back and peeking around to smile at me while she did so. 

Needless to say, I love spending time with these children.  It makes the wait till I have my own much more bearable.  haha  : )

I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving with lots of food, fun, and family (and safe travels and football and no conscience about calories)!


Favorites of the day:
the fact that my family is on their way to pick me up on their way to g'ma and g'pa's farm!
friends, new and old

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