Thursday, November 11, 2010


The 1-yr.-old I nanny for just started repeating "ta-da!" whenever anyone says it, and I could just hear her exclaiming it as I typed the title of this post.

Anyway...Hello, my name is Kensy!   I've decided not to use this first post for introductory purposes.  Instead, I hope you will get to know me through my future posts, etc.  (I also created a profile that tells a little about me...I think you can find it to the left of the page.)

For those of you who already know me, blogging may seem a little uncharacteristic, though I've been known to do more surprisingly uncharacteristic things.  I don't really have an explanation or reason for starting this, except that I just want to try it!  I'm not an avid blog-reader, nor have I ever written one myself (unless you count Xanga...and I wouldn't, considering I used it for probably a month in 7th grade, and it's now lost in cyberspace because I don't remember my username or password).  I do, however, feel that I express myself best through writing, though I don't currently do so on a regular basis.  Also, I'm not the best at keeping in touch with long-distance relatives and friends, so I think this might be a good way to keep them updated on what's going on in my life.

Because every day brings new and different opportunities and experiences for me, I'd really like to share them with as many people as possible.  Perhaps not everyone will find value or meaning in the same things I do, but the possibility that someone will is reason enough to share, in my opinion.

SO, welcome to my blog, thanks for reading, I appreciate you, etc., etc.  I'm excited to see where this journey leads!


P.S. I often ask my students about their favorite part of the week/day, etc.  I'd like to include something to that effect in each of my posts.  Here's the first:

Favorites of the day: 
Bath & Body Works' "Cranberry Woods" candle
Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese

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  1. Well, I learned something new. You live in a refurbished chicken coop? That's just enough information to make me very curious.

    Also, pumpkin spice cream cheese sounds amazing.

    Happy blogging!