Monday, November 29, 2010

"Music Librarian" is an understatement...

Today I celebrate my job at Arts Incorporated (click to go to the website).  My trumpet professor owns this arts management business and graciously offered me a job a couple years ago.  I filled the position of “music librarian,” but have also been asked to complete the following tasks:

-give the birds a bath
-feed the birds
-feed the fish
-give the birds medicine
-entertain the cats
-locate the cats (usually followed by disciplining them)
-take the smashed and soggy box that the no-longer-living fish came in to the post office to see what they can do about it
-water plants
-take videos and photos of various events
-record official office voicemail greeting
-help create inserts for CD’s (professionally recorded ones to sell)

These, of course, are in addition to tasks such as creating music lists and folders, repairing parts, filing music, organizing the music libraries of the various ensembles, etc., etc.

I feel like I’m living the quote, “Variety is the spice of life!”  I love all the unique experiences this job presents.  My favorite random task is playing with the cats (yep – I’m a cat person).  There have been instances in which I was unable to work because a cat had decided my computer keyboard is the "purr"fect spot to roll around and get attention.  I don’t complain…  : )

Sorry it's blurry...hopefully you get the idea.

: )  He found this nap spot all by himself.

Hope you've enjoyed hearing about this wonderful workplace!  Let me know if you have any questions... 

Spicily (is that a word?),

Favorites of the day:
the 99-cent clothing sale at Goodwill (I forgot to mention it this weekend)
not having to worry about finals!  (don't mean to rub it in, dearest student readers)
the young adult Bible study I attend!


  1. Sounds like someplace I'd like to work too!