Sunday, November 14, 2010

Grocery Shopping

I love grocery shopping.  Really.  I don’t know what it is about it, but I genuinely enjoy going to the grocery store (namely HyVee).  I’m a coupon-clipper (thanks to my mom), and peruse the ads before stepping foot into the store.  Call me crazy, but I find great satisfaction in getting something I need (or a treat) for a fraction of its original price.

Did you know that you can sign up for “mobile alerts” from HyVee?!  So far, these alerts have been amazing coupons.  Last week was a half-gallon of OJ for $.49, and this week was a pound of hamburger for $.59.  You should sign up!

By the way, while we’re discussion my love of bargain shopping, I got flip-flips at Old Navy yesterday for $.47!  Nope, that is not a typo – I really got them for forty-seven CENTS!!  Now, I don’t feel bad about throwing out some of my old, grungy pairs.

In honor of the season’s first snow (it happened a couple days ago), I’d like to share a tip I read my Rachael Ray magazine last month.  I haven’t tried this, yet, but I sure hope it works:

Mix 3 parts water with 1 part white vinegar, pour into a spray bottle, and spray on your windshield at night to ward off the morning frost.

Speaking of the Rachael Ray magazine – I LOVE it!  If you haven’t checked it out, and you like fun (and lots of other great adjectives) magazines, you should look it up or ask me if you can borrow a couple of mine!  It’s a cooking, travel, life, shopping, and lots of other things magazine all in one!  I also just love Rachael Ray (and the Food Network!!!).  In some class, at some point in my education, we were asked to name a famous person as our alter ego.  I chose Rachael Ray.  I don’t know that I fully understood what “alter ego” meant – all I knew was that people told me I look and act like her…and I love to cook (and bake, which she doesn’t really like to do).  In fact, I’m making a dessert for a luncheon tomorrow…I’ll share the recipe once I decide what to make!

Here’s a link to Rachael’s website:

That’s all for now.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 

To God be the glory,

Favorites of the day:
Fresh raspberries (yep - they were on sale)

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